TMC IT Notice: Derek O’Brien Slams BJP For Using Scare Tactics


Kolkata: Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien slammed the BJP and asked the government to look in the mirror hours after it emerged that Income Tax department has issued a notice to the party seeking details of a Rs 24 crore publicity drive ahead of the 2014 general elections.

Derek’s statements came after union minister Piyush Goel asked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee come clean on the source of the money and questioned whether it is still not clear why she opposed the demonetisation move by the Centre to curb black money.
“Don’t give us lessons on regulatory and financial compliance. A central minister who addressed the media today is playing dirty games.

Our party has submitted all its accounts to the Election Commission. It has replied to communications from the Income-Tax Department. What gives the Minister the authority to say all this?” Derek asked. “Instead, why doesn’t he check if his own house, his own party, is in order? Please don’t give us lessons on regulatory and financial compliance. Our party has fulfilled all criteria and that is why we have been recognised as a national party recently,” the MP said.

O’Brien said that Goyal’s press conference is a part of a concerted attempt to browbeat political parties in the opposition, independent sections of the media and critics of the current regime in Delhi.  “These wild allegations will only strengthen our resolve. The BJP cannot scare us. In time, the people will show this government what they think of it and its theatrics. Nasbandi was punished 40 years ago, Notebandi will be punished soon,” he said.

Later hinting at killing of farmers in Madhya Pradesh, he tweeted, “When its government fires bullets at farmers and desperately wants to change the narrative, BJP cooks up a diversion.”
TMC leaders also claimed that the tax notice was purposely leaked in Delhi by BJP.

“It was a very old notice and already reported earlier in some media. We have already replied to I-T and the Election Commission. They have found nothing and now BJP is raising this issue to divert the farmers killing issue in Madhya Pradesh,” said a party leader.