TMC MP Defends Yogi Adityanath’s Elevation


Kolkata: Denouncing criticism of Yogi Adityanath’s elevation to the post of UP Chief Minister, a Trinamool Congress MP on Monday said in democracy both Yogi and Maulvi have the right to hold political and constitutional office if democratically elected.

নারদ-কাণ্ড: মন্ত্রীদের দিন কাটল টিভিতে চোখ রেখে

“It is wrong to criticize Yogi Adityanath’s elevation to the post of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. Other political parties can’t criticize his elevation as he has been democratically chosen by the elected BJP MLAs.

BJP has got the majority and it is their prerogative to decide who will be the Chief Minister,” senior TMC Vice President and MP Sultan Ahmed told.

When asked to comment on allegations of Yogi Adityanath being a polarizing figure, Ahmed said,” He is a five time MP. He has been elected by BJP MLAs. In democracy be it a Maulvi or a Yogi, everybody has the right to hold political and constitutional office, if he or she is democratically elected. There is nothing wrong in it.”

তৃণমূলের সমর্থনে রাজ্যে পাকাপাকিভাবে সরকার গড়ল বিজেপি

The BJP’s hardline Hindutva mascot Yogi Adityanath yesterday took over as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh with the promise of working for all sections of society without any discrimination.

Ironically, TMC has been a vociferous supporter of the Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance in Uttar Pradesh ahead of elections and had termed BJP as a “communal outfit” which reaps political dividends by dividing people on religious lines.