TMC MP MamataBala Thakur Molested


Bangaon: Bangaon’s Trinamool MP Mamatabala Thakur has accused her brother-in law, former Minister Manjulkrishna Thakur for molesting her. A written Complaint has been lodged against Manjulkrishna at the nearest Gaighata Police Station.

Police authorities are examining the case. This incident has caused severe unrest in that area. Once again the issues of Matua Group have resurfaced publicly.

According to sources, this Wednesday the Matua community is celebrating ‘Rash Purnima’. Local sources said, dispute rose between Manjulkrishna and Mamatabala Thakur due to the possession of ‘Rash festival’.

At that time Mamata made a complaint of molestation against Manjulkrishna. Leading to this incident, people of Matua community are anxious about the festival.