TMC MLA suspended for ‘sit demonstration’ at Vidhan Sabha


Kolkata: Raising a voice against the ruling party in the Vidhan Sabha, TMC MLA Swapan Kanti Ghosh staged a ‘sit demonstration’ at the Legislative Assembly. His point was after repeated requests to look into the matter of the drinking water issue at Suri, the local government did not pay heed to the matter. Indirectly his finger was pointed towards the TMC leadership of the area. Swapankanti said that he had brought the issue ubder the notice of urban development minister Firhad Hakim and the CM too. But almost no action was taken in the regard. As a result of which MLA Swapan Kanti Ghosg indulged himself into a ‘Sit demonstration’ at the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

The action of SwapanKanti at the Vidhan Sabha had raised quite a few eyebrows in the floor. It is been reported that the opposition leader, Suryakanta Mishra, Cong leader Asit Mitra and BJP MLA Samik Bhattacharya had already met SwapanKanti Ghosh.

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The ‘sit demonstration’ of Ghosh was, however, not taken in the proper light by the Trinamool Congress. After the protest staged by Swapan Kanti Ghosh, the Higher Education Minister of the State, Partha Chatterjee spoke to the press on behalf of the disciplinary committee of the TMC. He stated that Swapan Kanti Ghosh has been suspended from the party for his misconduct. Partha even added that the conduct of the MLA was driven by ill political motifs. It is a venture of the opposition parties to highlight the crack within TMC.

SwapanKanti Ghosh was recorded to have said that he wanted to be sacked from but instead he was suspended. As a result of which his dities of being an MLA has come to a stand still state.