TMC Minister’s Daughter Shreya Pandey Arrives At ED


Kolkata: Female actor Shreya Pandey appeared before the ED department at the Salt Lake CGO Complex on Thursday. She is the daughter of Sadhan Pandey, who is the minister for Consumer Affairs & Self Help Group & Self-Employment. The investigative officials are interrogating her and might record her statements if required.

Prior to this, she had sent a representative to the ED office when she was summoned over the Narada issue. This time, due to pressure from ED, she appeared herself.

Prior to this, her name got involved in the Rose Valley scam, Now her name got involved in the Narada scam.

According to sources, Shreya Pandey’s name cropped up when the ED’s officials interrogated former mayor Sovan Chatterjee, his wife Ratna Chatterjee and his friend Baisakhi Banerjee.

According to the ED, they are trying to get answers to several questions by interrogating her. When the Narada scam came to the fore, the then KMC mayor Sovan Chatterjee was accused of taking money. ED wanted to know where did the alleged money go. They also want to know that did any part of that money went from Sovan Chatterjee to Shreya Pandey’s organisation. If er organisation has taken, then why was it taken.