‘Paid’ Goons Murdered TMC’s Dulal Biswas


Krishnanagar: The murder of Trinamool Congress Party’s block president, Dulal Biswas, was pre-planned and efficiently carried out by paid miscreants. The police have confirmed on Monday after thorough investigation.

তৃণমূল পঞ্চায়েত প্রধান খুনে সুপারি কিলার যোগ!

The investigation team of the police informed that the professional killers came to the spot on motorbike through the railway tracks wearing monkey caps. All the suspected goons were carrying fire arms as because the police recovered one of such which the goons might have dropped it while returning after committing the crime.

The police from their primary investigation claimed that the goons were well informed about the place. And from the investigation it was also clear that either they were informed about the malfunctioned CCTV camera or prior to the incident it was destroyed. Within 15 minutes, they completed their entire operation with expertise. These all clues proved that Dulal’s murder was completely pre-planned.

On Sunday around 8.30 pm during a meeting a group of gunmen entered into the party office and fired five rounds at Dulal. He was immediately rushed to the local hospital where he was declared brought dead. All the suspected have used silencer because no one claimed to have heard any sound of the shots fired.

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His family members claimed that BJP and CPI(M) workers were behind the murder. On the other hand Dulal’s daughter, Shilpi Biswas claimed that the someone near to his father was involved in  the murder. Till now FIR has been filed against 13 persons. Police have arrested a few of them but nobody has claimed affiliation to any political party.

The incident sparked panic among the locals and the shops were shut down after the incident.

TMC national youth leader Abishekh Banerjee (MP) and Secretary General Partha Chatterjee visited the scene of crime and met victim’s family members later in the day. Partha Chatterjee during his visit said that BJP is doing all this to tarnish the image of the TMC party which could be difficult for them.

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