TMC Leader Dola Sen’s Name Gets Involved In Extortion Issue


Kolkata: TMC leader Dola Sen’s name got allegedly involved on Tuesday in claiming money from auto drivers who are from outside her area in Rajarhat’s Gopalpur area.

A case have been filed already in 2 police stations of the Dum Dum Baguihati area but in vain as no action has not been taken yet as per reports. The auto drivers have said that no solutions were done. They also alleged that they faced more trouble post the complaint.

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As per sources, post the Bengal assembly elections, aides close to Dola Sen broke the auto union of the Baguihati-Satgachi route. A new committee was set up instead and several new rules were made. They demanded two thousand rupees from the auto drivers who drove outside the area, per month. As reported, a rule was also made where non-supporting auto drivers of TMC was told that they would not be allowed to drive their autos.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had already said that syndicate hooliganism and extortion would not be tolerated. She even said that such incidents must be immediately informed to her. Post this order, several parts of the city is being raided. Till now, 45 people have been detained from Salt Lake-Rajarhat and New Town on charges of extortion.