Leader Cursed To Be Closest Of Mukul Roy


Nadia: Trinamool has denied the nomination of former district leader Jhumur Basu in Zilla Parishad seat of Nadia as she is considered to be closest of Mukul Roy.

The explosive statement said, Mukul Roy was the supervisor of Nadia district. The only reason have brought punishment for couple of time to the district leader. I am still in a maze with the decision of TMC. As party took the decision, it will considered as the final decision.

মুকুল রায় ঘনিষ্ঠ হওয়াতে তৃণমূলে কড়া শাস্তির মুখে ইনি!

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee has announced that the winner candidates of last election will stand this year too. Amid seat reservation they will a get a seat in neighbouring area. But the closure to Mukul roy has brought bad luck to the former leader.

Jhumur Basu was the head of Zilla Parishad has lost position as the TMC leader. She was the Head in Department of Women, Child and Social Work in Zilla Parishad. Trinamool has rejected her in many cases for her closure to Mukul Roy. Such repeated act of TMC has agitated her.