TMC To Hold ‘Core-Committee’ Meeting


Kolkata: A Trinamool-Congress core committee meeting will take place on Wednesday at Uttirno Bhavan near Alipore. The meeting is scheduled to start at 12 pm. Party head Mamata Banerjee will lead the meeting. Approximately she will be present for 30 minutes in the meeting.

The core committee gathering will have a discussion on the parliamentary budget and strategic stand point of the Bengal MPs’ in Parliament. Apart from this upcoming panchayet election will be on the focal point. Trinamool Congress won 34 parliamentary seats in the election. But currently TMC is having 33 members of Lok Sabha.

Reportedly, state will oppose central government on many issues. West Bengal state government has been opposing a range of decisions by Central government including demonetization, Aadhar issue and FRDI bill and communal clash allegedly ignited by some opposition party leaders.

West Bengal Assembly Budget Session will mark at 3 pm on Wednesday. As Mamata Banerjee will be present at the assembly budget so she will wrap up the core committee meeting within a short span of time.

Dinesh Trivedi has been conferred with the award for outstanding Member of Parliament 2016 on 29 January, 2018 by the Indian Parliamentary Group. It could take a major role in the decision making process of ongoing political scenario.