TMC Forms Panchayat Board In Basanti


Diamond Harbour: Basanti block, one of the politically sensitive part of West Bengal, mostly affected in factional feud. Finally ruling party Trinamool-Congress has formed panchayat board in Fulmalancha block of Basanti.

Gram panchayat involves twenty three pepople in the list. TMC got six seats in the election. Trinamool youth 8 seats, independent 7, RSP 1, BJP 1.

Trinamool secured 14 seats while forming Fulmalancha Gram Panchayat. Nine seats for the oppositions. Yusuf Ansari selected as the head and Sankar Sardar as the co-head. He assured common people that peace and tranquiality will be back in the area. People will work towards that.

Jharkhali Gram Panchayat of Basanti reenergised their power by gathering a majority.maintaining the rule, Gurudasi Mondal has been elected as the head of the panchayat and Dilip Mondal as the Co-head. No trace of oppositions remains in that panchayat.

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