TMC Forms Panchayat Board In Basanti


Diamond Harbour: Basanti block, one of the politically sensitive part of West Bengal, mostly affected in factional feud. Finally ruling party Trinamool-Congress has formed panchayat board in Fulmalancha block of Basanti.

Gram panchayat involves twenty three pepople in the list. TMC got six seats in the election. Trinamool youth 8 seats, independent 7, RSP 1, BJP 1.

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Trinamool secured 14 seats while forming Fulmalancha Gram Panchayat. Nine seats for the oppositions. Yusuf Ansari selected as the head and Sankar Sardar as the co-head. He assured common people that peace and tranquiality will be back in the area. People will work towards that.

Jharkhali Gram Panchayat of Basanti reenergised their power by gathering a majority.maintaining the rule, Gurudasi Mondal has been elected as the head of the panchayat and Dilip Mondal as the Co-head. No trace of oppositions remains in that panchayat.