TMC Factional Feud Turned Violent


Beharampore: Dhulian town Trinamool President was allegedly shot by Murshidabad Zila parishad member. Internal clash between two groups of ruling party came to the limelight due to the incident. Two groups of Samserganj MLA amirul Islam and Zila Parishad member Mehubub Alam engaged with feud since many time.

Anarul Haque is the TMC president of Dhulian municipality and also councilor of 16 number ward. He alleged that Zila Parishad member Mehbub organized a picnic at Paradeonapura on Sunday. He was invited in this picnic. But Anarul did not agree to go. Then Anarul Haque was returning home from work on the night. Then Mehboob Alam and some miscreants allegedly attacked him.

After returning home, Mehbub Alam and the miscreants attacked his house. The miscreants fired ten rounds bullets in the darkness of the night. The miscreants broke their house by bricks.

Police force reached the spot immediately. Before the police came, the miscreants fled the area. Anarul Haque filed a written complaint against Mehboob Alam in Raghunathganj police station.