TMC Factional Feud Sparks Violence In Manicktala


Kolkata: Factional feud of Trinamool Congress Party broke out on Tuesday at Manicktala.

Clashes broke out between two groups of the TMC party. Workers took and pelted stones of the railway tracks at the other sections of the party. Bombings have been on since Monday night. Panic spread among members. A huge force of police and Rapid action force (RAF) rushed to the spot to manage the situation.

As per sources, the clash was a result of a football match. Babai Palli, resident of Krishnanagar was brutally beaten up by some youths of Subhaspalli. Post this, clash broke out. Severe damage was done in Subhaspalli and Krishnapalli area. Several workers from both the sections were injured due to the clash. RAF was deployed to disperse them.