TMC Dusted the Lapel Off Sohrab


Kolkata: In a Red Road Accident issue Trinamool leader Derek OBrien on Saturday said that accused father Muhammad Sohrab is a minor political leader and Party has no connection with Sohrab. Derek also said that Sohrab didn’t attend any big meeting and he came to the party from Left front in 2006. Derek’s contradictory statement may raises controversy.

Ambia Sohrab, the son of influential Trinamool leader Muhammad Sohrab, who crashed the Republi Day parade drill and killed an airforce corporal on Wednesday is still at large. Police after being dormant for the vital hours after the mishap sprang into action after chief minister Mamata Banerjee met the family of the deceased jawan.

However, the cops failed to nab Ambia and said that he had fled to a nearby state. The Kolkata police on Thursday, issued a lookout notice against Ambia Sohrab, son of Trinamool leader Mohammad Sohrab for mowing an Air Force officer to death. Amba broke the guard rails and ran over IAF Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud with his Audi car during a Republic Day rehearsal parade at Kolkata’s Red Road on Wednesday.