“TMC Delegation Won’t Have ‘Maach-Bhaat’ In Hotel”


Kolkata: The country started to deabate over the persecution process happened with Trinamool delegation at Silchar Airport on Thursday. The manhandling incident took place irrespective of their physical condition. Mamata Banerjee on her way back from New Delhi condemned the incident at Kolkata International Airport.

She said, The MP-MLAs’ went there to attend a public convention as scheduled. But such treatment is unexpected. Now they are saying to keep them in a hotel under police surveillance. The entire team are halting in Airport as have been hindered to move to Silchar. Now police is providing a hotel for shelter. Are they went for vacation that they’ll have Mach-Bhaat over there.

Banerjee added, “These atrocities being done, aren’t only being condemned, I think this is beginning of the end. They are frustrated, they are political tensed & depressed. And that’s why they are showing muscle power.”

The last flight from Silchar has been departed for Kolkata. Reportedly, they will hold a sit-in demonstration there. As per sources, the eight members team can be arrested in Assam.

Talking on BJP leaders demand on implementation of NRC in West Bengal she said, ” Who are they? What significance do they have in West Bengal? Nobody knows them. They are just some hooligans. Their existence itself is in question & they will implement NRC here? I will see how they intervene.”

It is a troublesome situation for bengali speaking community after the declaration of National Registers Of Citizen Draft. 40 lakh people are outside the list. She has raised her voice against such’dividing’ act of government. The eight-members team went there following her order. Police hindered them as 144 imposed in Assam. So they couldn’t fullfil their political agenda. The CCTV footage shown that police has manhandled them.

Mamata said vividly that, Factional feus in Asansol took three life amid imposition of 144. BJP leaders have provoked the situation. The TMC memebers team went to know the situation. A scheduled meeting has been cancelled. Assam police has detained them as super-emergency situation in the country.

Several series of atrocities has been reported after the announcement of National Registers of Citizen draft. Bengalis are being attacked in the border area and localities.