TMC Celebrity MP Dev Showers Praise On BJP


Medinipore: In a programme at Ghatal, the celebrity MP Dipak Adhikari commonly known as Dev has expressed sorrow for not meeting the people of Ghatal frequently.

In his tricky speech at the programme, he said that, “I wish the betterment of this country and State. Everyone is not enemy. Who will gain love and supports of people, will run the State.”

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Elaborating his speech, he urged to the parties to keep distance those who are doing the negative politics. He said that, “the present situation in politics calls for a change. Common people wants peace. Political party should not look for tiny profits. Politics must provide some positive notes.”

After demonetization, when all the oppositions were criticising Modi-led government, Dev took a different stand. In a interview to a news channel, he said that “BJP is not a terror outfit of Pakistan. It is a political party of India who wants to come in power. They are not out of the world.”

Right after the Note Ban, he said that, it is a good step which will be beneficial in future. The black money will be controlled in the market.”