TMC Can Be 420 Adding Big ‘0’ After 42: Adhir


Baharampur: West Bengal Congress President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Sunday attacked Trinamool in a press conference. He said, “if anybody thinks there’s nothing without TMC in India, so they are living in a nescient paradise.”

Total number of MPs’ are 545. By chance TMC wins in Bengal still they would get 42 seats. Soon after this he added, “Though TMC can be 420 if I add a zero after 42 but no capacity o good work.”

He criticised Mamata Banerjee on Federal Front saying, “We have seen the scene in the retaliatory meeting of TMC against BJP in Midnapore but it is flop. The entire college ground is empty. Are they ready to fight against BJP?

He brought a severe allegation, “Mamata is not able top fight against BJP. Another question Is Mamata Banerjee honest in giving political fight against BJP.”

When oppositions are coming together to defeat BJP then only Mamata is eager to form Federal Front. In this way BJP is getting stronger as the votes are getting divided.

He highlighted the failures of ruling party government. TMC keeping alive the internal feud and series of murder case.