TMC-BJP Clash In Malda


Malda: Clashes broke out between the TMC and BJP party workers over the set-up of
Panchayat Samiti board on Thursday. The BJP has been accused of pelting stones at
the police.

There are 18 seats under this Panchayat Samiti out of which 8 seats were won by
BJP, 8 by TMC and 2 by Congress. The TMC had majority after Congress gave its
support. Jaydeb Sarkar, a candidate chosen by BJP, was arrested over old cases
against him.

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After this, chaos broke out in the area. Clashes broke out between the police and
BJP workers. Massive stone-pelting also broke out in the area leading the police
resorting to lathi-charge and tear gas shells. Three police officers were injured
as a result. Three journalists also got injured while tring to take pictures to
cover the incident.

TMC district president Dulal Sarkar said that the BJP is trying to terrorise for
not having majority. The BJP goons are trying to cause trouble in the area after
bringing outsiders.