TMC Assistant Secretary Breaks Open Transport Association’s Office


Coochbihar: Abdul Jolil Ahmed, North Bengal Central Transport Organization’s board of director and Trinamool Congress Party’s assistant secretary, broke open the lock of the North Bengal State Transport Retired Staff Association and freed the office from being taken over, on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, Abdul Jolil Ahmed, himself, broke the lock at the organization’s new bus stand near Suniti Road at Coochbihar.

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As per sources, on Saturday night, the Bengal State Transport Retired Staff Association’s room was locked secretly by some unknown people. The organization consists not only of Congress supporters but also TMC member too.

After the incident, the members decided to inform Mihir Goswami, chairman of North Bengal State Transport Association, about the incident. But since Mihir Goswami was not present in Kolkata, hence the association’s members decided to inform, Abdul Jolil Ahmed, another member of the board.

On receiving information about the incident, he reached the office and broke down the lock in the presence of the other members.  Abdul Jolil Ahemed strongly condemned the incident and said that “This type of work will not be tolerated in any way, all the unions registered under the North Bengal National Transport Association, are all equal, all the unions will get an office for their use, none will get any special benefit”.

Abdul Jolil Ahemed also said that strict action would be taken if such a similar incident occurs again in the future. Association’s general member Gunendra Chandra Mitra is naturally happy with the role of Jolil Ahmed in the issue.

Gunendra Chandra Mitra said, “This office was given to us from the North Bengal Central Transport Organization, we come here since a long time. But on Saturday night, some unknown people secretly put another lock on top of our lock. We still do not know who was behind this issue. We immediately informed Abdul Jolil Ahmed. We are extremely happy the way he came forward and helped us.”