TMC accused of indulging in horse trading at Siliguri


Siliguri: The Trinamool Congress has been accused of being indulged in Horse Trading for gaining control of the Siliguri Municipality luring the winning candidates of the opposition with huge sums of money and top posts. The Trinamool Congress has rubbished all the allegation of horse trading leveled against the party.

The Siliguri Municipal Corporation has 47 seats. The Magic figure is 24. Left Front has been able to gain 23 seats in the recently concluded Municipal elections. TMC has 17 seats, Congress has four seats whereas BJP has two and one seat has been gained by Independent candidate. The left Fornt will be needing one seat to form the board of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation whereas TMC needs seven. The TMC can achieve the magic figure if they bring the Congress, BJP and Independent candidate into their fold.

The TMC has been accused of being indulged in this hosre trading of the winning candidates from the opposition parties. According to sources, the TMC has already established contact with the Congress and the BJP councilors in this regard. It has been alleged that TMC is luring the winning candidates with money and top posts. If the councilors are not agreeing to their demands they are also being allegedly threatened by the ruling party.