TMC Accused Of Allegedly Kidnapping BJP Nominated Pradhan


Medinipore: Before the setting-up of Panchayat Board, allegations of kidnapping of BJP nominated pradhan was raised against Trinamool. The incident happened in West Midnapore’s Garbeta 2 Number block.

বিজেপির মনোনীত প্রধানকে অপহরণে অভিযুক্ত তৃণমূল

According to Local sources, the panchayat board of Patharapara gram panchahayt was setting up on Monday but due to this, the board could not be formed.

As a result, the tension spreads in the gram panchayat office premises. BJP workers staged protest. However, TMC denied BJP allegations. There is no statement from the administration about the situation.

মমতার বাড়িতে বিজেপির আমন্ত্রণপত্র

According to local sources, the total number of seats in the village panchayat is 10. Among them, TMC have won 5 and BJP have won 4. A seat goes to the Independent. But a few days before the formation of the board, suddenly situation changed. Two members of TMC left the team and joined the BJP. As a result, the BJP is now in majority. After that Ruma Manna was nominated for the post.

On the other hand, despite many efforts, BJP did not form panchayat board at Nayabasat gram Panchayat. TMC won 7 and BJP won five among 12 seats. But after this, Anima Hajra of Trinamool Congress is the chief of the Panchayat. The deputy head is Shukdev Bhandari.