Tips To Crack UGC-NET Exam


Exam time is the most stressful time for students as they face too much mental pressure of qualifying the exam with good scores.

The candidates preparing for UGC NET must also be looking for preparation tips to get motivated and encouraged in achieving UGC NET Score card.

Note down your Syllabus

The NET Exam is administered in three phases (one paper in each phase). The Paper-I consists General Aptitude Questions and the other two papers, Paper-II and III contains questions related to the concerned subject.

Refer Good Books

Purchase some good books specified by UGC that may help you to clear your basic concepts and logics as well as cover whole syllabus.

Prepare Notes

Preparing Short-Notes is the best way of practicing your syllabus in a short time and revise everything.

You can write down important things and related facts and points. Using underlining and highlighting headings will help you to make better notes. Writing notes will also help you in remembering things.

These notes will help you to quickly revise what you have learned.

Try to Teach Someone

To test your knowledge for what you’ve learned and understood, start teaching someone else. This will definitely help you in memorizing things for long duration. You may help others in understanding difficult topics and solving tough questions.

Time Management

Developing Time Management Skills is quite beneficial if you are going to fight UGC NET Exam.

Revision and Self Analysis

Revision is a procedure to refine what you have prepared for exams. So make it your habit to revise daily what you have learnt. Start your revision early so that you can perform very well in exam.

Boost your Confidence Level

It’s normal to get nervous before exams but test anxiety can be decreased by thorough preparation. Knowing that you’ve done everything and you remember it can boost up your confidence level.