It is time for a Nuclear Deal: Iran FM


Tehran:Foreign Minister Mohommed Javed Zarif tells on a gathering of the worlds top diplomats and defence officials that ‘this is the oppurtunity’ .The United States and its five negotiating partners, the other members of the UN Security Council and Germany, hope to clinch a deal setting long-term limits on Tehran’s enrichment of uranium and other activity that could produce material for use in nuclear weapons.

Both sides are under increasing pressure ahead of two deadlines to agree on main points by late March and to reach a comprehensive deal by June 30.

Zarif said that now was the window of opportunity to come up with a final deal.

He met individually at the Munich security conference with each country involved, except France which was scheduled later on February 8.

“This is the opportunity to do it, and we need to seize this opportunity,” he said. Following a 90-minute morning meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, their second meeting on the sidelines of the conference, Zarif said he felt that progress had been made in the past months and suggested it would be unproductive to further extend negotiations.