Time Is Ripe For ‘Bhaag Mamata’: Siddharth Nath Singh


Debnath Maity

Kharagpur: BJP leader, Siddharth Nath Singh today in Kharagpur claimed that the time has come for Mamata to escape; it is also a perfect time for TMC to fall.

Siddharth minced no words attacking the TMC government. Siddharth said, “In 2001, due to a sting operation Mamata left NDA; she made George Fernandez to resign. Now, her dozen party leaders have been caught taking bribes in Narada’s sting operation, but she did not take a step.”

TMC leaders alleged that the video is fake, on that Siddharth said, “A thief never admits after stealing!”

Siddharth also added, “We’ve sufficient numbers in Lok Sabha, so we’ve done our bit raising our voice against TMC’s immoral act; which led the issue to be sent to the ethics committee. In Rajya Sabha, in spite of our limitation we raised our voice, but Congress and left were silent on the issue.”

Siddharth feel that Congress and left are helping TMC, they do not want to go all out against TMC, and their motto is to stop BJP. He thinks that Congress and left—both are indirectly helping TMC in their corruption. As far as the Assembly Polls are concerned, Siddharth is hopeful of a BJP victory.