‘Tilottama’ Witnesses Glimpses Of Unique Cloud

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Mousumi Das, Kolkata: Glimpses of the sky as it looked on Monday evening, It is nice to notice so many structures nature offers, they evoke our imagination, and we try to relate them. Different shots were taken. The images of this cloud went viral on social media.

The sky of the City of joy blushed crimson red as the sun sets. Mother nature painted the dusky light clouds.


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The types of clouds that the City witnessed today evening was ‘Cirrocumulus’ thin, white patch, sheet, or layered of clouds without shading. They are composed of very small elements in the form of more or less regularly arranged grains or ripples.

In general Cirrocumulus represents a degraded state of cirrus and cirrostratus both of which may change into it and is an uncommon cloud. There will be a connection with cirrus or cirrostratus and will show some characteristics of ice crystal clouds.