‘Tilotama’ To Get Women-Auto Drivers Soon


Kolkata: Breaking the old age customs, the women in Kolkata are getting trained to drive autos for their livelihood.

As per source belonging to a lower income family, these women are receiving training to drive autos by an auto union leader Gopal, in South Kolkata.

After completion of training, they will start a service called ‘Pink’, which will exclusively cater to women passengers in the city.

“My husband also drives auto. It is really difficult to manage our lives on an income of one person, so I started driving auto for livelihood,” said a woman.The auto union leader Gopal informed to media that he has trained 60 women as of now. “If a woman can be a prime minister, a president, and a speaker, then why can’t they drive autos? These women belong to lower income family and we are training them to be independent,” he concludes.

The scheme provided a 5% reservation in rickshaw permits for women. This came as a huge relief to a lot of families belonging to a lower income family. Fighting all kinds of social stigma, women, whose only other option was to become a domestic help, are now taking up auto rickshaw driving as a profession.