Tihar Jail Reforming Prisoners Through Art


New Delhi: Refirmation, rehabilitation and reintegration is the new mantra Tihar Jail hopes for its inmates!

The prison has launched a mega art movement in the capital titled ‘Tihar Kala Abhiyan 2017’ with over 80 convicts and accused from jails all across the country who will attend the workshop.

The workshop is being organised by Lalit Kala Akademi and Tihar Jail together.

Known for imparting skills and giving inmates a new lease of life, Tihar jail will be starting this new school of art.

The art movement, which starts from August 19 till August 31, includes art workshops and cultural programmes in many parts of Delhi. Two galleries will be set up soon in Tihar Jail.
Director General of Tihar Jail Sudhir Yadav said he has proposed for a “Tihar School of Art”, so that inmates will get a chance to show their talent in front of people.

“Initially, Tihar authorities only wanted a workshop. But when I visited the jail, I proposed two galleries and a film screening facility. They immediately approved it,” Sudhir Yadav said.
With this, the society’s outcast have a little more to hope from life.