Tight Security Fence In Visva-Bharati From Tuesday


Santiniketan: Centering to convocation in Visva-Bharati, entire area has been covered with tight security fence. Many dignitaries like Prime minister and chancellor of the university Narendra Modi, Bangladesh prermier Sheikh Hasina, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be present on May 25, Friday. So the area under ‘Z’ security fence.

The senior officials of security department are coming on Tuesday to check the situation and will hold a meeting with Visva-Bharati authority. Reportedly, the Special Protection Group will take the charge of the area from Tuesday along with the district administration authorities.

মঙ্গলবার থেকেই এসপিজির সুরক্ষা বলয়ে বিশ্বভারতী

But the normal flow of people will be hampered in these days. Common peopel will be hindered from the free access in the campus area. The three-layer security will cover the area.

Sufficient civic police, women police have already been deployed in the area. Anti-sabotage team, Bomb Squad, Sniffers dog team will be in action before 24 hours of the programme. The entire area will be under surveillance of Close circuit camera. Drone will take the whole view of the area.

The press will also have to follow set of rules to enter the area and to capture the programme through camera. Sheikh Hasina will inaigurate the Bangladesh Bhavan on the same day.