Tiger Fears  Adds To Exam Stress For Candidates


Jhargram: Students have to reach examination centres in about 100 schools in and around Lalgarh, Sarenga and Goaltore in West Midnapore and Bankura districts, taking roads where pug marks were seen in the past fortnight.

To ensure safety of the students, the state education department has urged district administrations and forest department to take all possible measures to prevent any untoward incident.

After villagers complained of vanishing cows and reported pug marks in Madhupur forest in Lalgarh, the forest department installed cameras on February 27.

The fear intensified after the animal attacked Joyram Soren, 45, a resident of Kuskati village in Goaltore in West Midnapore district on Sunday afternoon. It was the first instance of the tiger attacking a human since it was first sighted by one of the seven cameras set up the forest department near Lalgarh, once a Maoist dominated area.

Security presence has also been increased in the area. Vans constantly blaring alerts for the people on public address systems are also darting on the roads.Forest staffers and members of the Forest Protection Committee (FPC) are patrolling the roads, leading to the examination centres. But fear still looms large on villagers.