Tickle The Taste Buds: Special Dishes For Bengalis

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Kolkata: Boost your taste buds. Bengalis, who love to eat out during Durga Puja, prominent fine-dining restaurants and hotels in the city have introduced special cuisines.

The emphasis is on Bengaliness and everybody wants to be a bit traditional during this time of the year in both attire and food habits. As Bengalis are best known for their love for food, most of all celebrate this special days by enjoying a scrumptious meal in a favourite restaurant.

The ‘K-19’ restaurant at the hotel is running a ‘Mahabhoj buffet’ food festival from September 27 to 30, serving unique delicacies like ‘Satabdi Chingri’, ‘Posto Murgi’ and ‘Amlo Madhur Murgi’, among others.

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Striking a different chord, owner of Awadhi cuisine restaurant ‘Oudh 1590’ in the city, Shiladitya Chaudhary said, “Oudh 1590 has introduced a wide array of a-la-carte menu for this Durga Puja, which includes Zafrani Kabab, Qalmi Kabab, Galawati Kabab, Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi and Rann Biriyani.

One of the owners of another Bengali fine-dining restaurant ‘Saptapadi’, Chef Ranjan Biswas told “Customers have on platter signature Bengali cuisines like ‘Joan Bata Vetki fry’, ‘Lanka Posto Murgi’, ‘Batamasla Mangsher Jhol’, ‘Ilish Bhapa’, ‘Rosogolla’ and the fusion dessert ‘ice cream pati sapta’.

‘Saptapadi’, named after a Bengali classic starring Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen, is also serving favourite dishes of the matinee idol.At ‘Monkey Bar’ Kolkata, chef Iti Misra has on offer Bengali delicacies like ‘Fish Kachuri’, ‘Kamala Bhetki’ and ‘Bhapa Chingri’ for the festive days.’Chingri Bhuna’ is another dish for the puja days at different outlets of 6 Ballygunje Place, bringing a popular delicacy from Bangladesh to the city.