Thunderstorms Likely To Hit Again


Kolkata: The city of Kolkata has been witnessing Pre-Monsoon rains since quite a long time now. In fact, the month of April has been quite fruitful for the entire city with rains being on the higher side throughout. In fact, the city recorded way more rains as compared to it usually does.

Four weather systems around Kolkata have kept hopes of thunderstorms alive for the next two days, the weather office has said.

“A thunderstorm is likely in the city on Sunday evening. The possibility is even more on Monday. There will be some relief from swelter if the prediction comes true,” an official of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

Cyclonic circulations and low-pressure troughs pull air towards themselves because their atmospheric pressure is lower than their surroundings. “The two cyclonic circulations and the low-pressure trough are positioned in such a way that they are drawing moisture-laden air from the Bay of Bengal towards Calcutta,” the weather department official said.

An anti-cyclonic circulation, on the other hand, is a system whose atmospheric pressure is always higher than its surroundings. The moist air, after passing Bengal, is clashing with hot and dry wind from central India in Jharkhand. As the wind gains height, the moisture in the air condenses, creating conditions favourable for the formation of thunderclouds over Jharkhand.

Thus, as per weathermen at Skymet Weather, the city of Kolkata is expected to continue witnessing light rains during the next few days. These rains will be accompanied with strong winds, lightning and thunderstorm activities and will occur during the late afternoon hours only, which is a typical Pre-Monsoon characteristic.