Thunderstorm likely in Bengal in next 48 hrs


Kolkata: The city had witnessed yet another day of terrible heat conditions on Wednesday. But Wednesday did not end in a dry state as the weatherman had predicted thunderstorms over the next 48 hours at a couple of places of Gangetic West Bengal, covering the districts in the southern part of the state.

The maximum city temperature during the day was 37.4 degree Celsius, a degree above the average. The minimum recorded temperature was 28.5 degree Celsius, two degrees above average.The humidity ranged between a high of 86 percent and low of 51 percent. The heat and humidity inconvenienced those out on the streets, while ice cream sellers and cold drink stalls made a killing.

“There is no rainfall prediction over the next 24 hours. But there is possibility of thundershowers at a couple of places in Gangetic west Bengal in the next 48 hours,” said an official at the Regional Meterorological Office, Alipore.

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