Thunderstorm Likely To Hit Kolkata Soon


Kolkata: Kolkata weather has remained dry for the past few days. While a few spells of thunderstorms and thundershowers have been reported over the City of Joy, rain gods decided to take a backseat thereafter.

The city could be lashed by a thunderstorm during the latter half of the week, according to the Met office. Conditions are turning conducive for one and it could strike between Thursday and Saturday.

The conditions for the storm will ripen from the second half of Thursday. Depending on the movement of the circulation, it could strike anytime from then on. On February 26, the city had been hit by a latenight storm that didn’t qualify as a squall. Last Saturday, too, a thunderstorm had been predicted. It resulted only in light drizzle.

Weather conditions have been hot and dry with maximums settling at about 36.3 degrees which happens to be a notch above the normal levels. Not only this, the minimums were also quite high settling at about 30 degrees which is at least three degrees above the normal levels.

According to Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC), a circulation over Bihar and Jharkhand could start forming by Wednesday. There has been considerable moisture incursion and the conditions are turning favourabe for a thunderstorm.

Around a dozen thundershowers hit Kolkata between March and May. But all of them may not be nor’westers. They form and strike Kolkata when hot air spirals up from the Chhotanagpur plateau. It attracts moisture-laden winds from the Bay of Bengal.