Thunder Storm Brings Relief To Scorched Kolkata


Kolkata: As the city of joy has virtually turned into a furnace owing to the severe heat wave lashing for days, a thunder storm is brewing on Tuesday night imparting great relief to the people.

The temperature on Tuesday revolves round 30 degree celsius but owing to the humidity level of 79% it feels like much hotter. the sky is partly clouded and rain is predicted.

It seems like May is about to bring some good news for East India. A rainy spell is approaching Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar commencing today. The intensity of the rains is likely to increase by tomorrow and will continue for two days.

These rains will be attributed to the Cyclonic circulation which has come up over the region. Also, moisture incursion is taking place from the Bay of Bengal. Cool southwesterly winds are blowing over the area. These conditions will lead to rains in the region.

East India is prone to Nor’westers during the Pre-Monsoon season. Thunderstorms develop over the Chhotanagpur region and travel up to Kolkata resulting in rains accompanied by strong winds over the area. However, these activities are highly localized in nature.

The cyclonic circulation will lead to rains over a larger area. Also, these showers will bring down the maximums resulting in the abatement of heatwave conditions over these regions for at least some time. So much so that several areas will witness a drop of maximums by 6 to 8 degrees.

Areas to receive good showers include Ranchi, Patna, Kolkata, Gaya, Jamshedpur and adjoining cities. Heavy spells of rain are likely in the foothills of Bihar. Thus, temperatures over these areas will also witness a significant drop.