Three Women Injured After Falling From High-Rise In Posta


Kolkata: Three women have been rushed to the Medical College after falling from a high-rise. The incident took place at number 11, Battala street. They are grandmother, mother and grandchild in relation.

According to the witnesses, three of them jumped from the third floor. First the grandmother jumped. She is critical.

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The police is investigating whether they fell off or any other reasons are there behind it.

After a preliminary investigation, it has been reported that, the three person are from a single family. Everybody is astonished after this incident.

As per the source, Indira got married four yers ago. She entered a tussle with her in-laws which turned into a legal case after given birth of a girl child. A divorce case was running in court on her marriage.

The police is suspecting depression behind such incident. Posta police started an investigation on this.

Police said they are interrogating the rest of the family members about the incident. “We are interrogating the family members. Also searching the house to see if there is any suicide note,” the officer added.