Three TMC Workers Thrashed to Death in Burdwan

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Burdwan: The rivalry between various Trinamool sects is getting uglier and deadlier with each passing day. In a horrible incident of internal strife, three TMC workers were brutally thrashed to death by rival faction in Burdwan’s Oari village on Sunday night.

As per reports, supporters TMC leader Muajjam, killed three member of Trinamool Bloc President Alok Manjhi camp.

Both Alok and Muajjam have long standing rivalry to establish political dominance over the area. The deceased TMC workers have been identified as Sheikh Saukat, Sheikh Jamaluddin and Layek Arnal.

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Police rushed to the area after the incident and recovered the bodies. Tension prevails in the area after the incident. Fearing backlash police deployed heavily in the area.