Three options to Make Your Phone Smarter Than Others


Kolkata: Phone has become a part of our daily life. We can’t even think of our existence without this small thing. Our day begins with a glimpse on our phone and we go to sleep keeping our eye fixed on it too. But still we don’t know many amazing use of it. We feel jealous with other’s phones and the use of it. Often we think that other phones are better than us but we don’t know that our phone can do many more things which can make it a smarter phone.

1. How to take multiple photos
If you are trying to take a perfect photo but it is not happening then take multiple pictures. One of those can reach to your demand. To take random photographs you will have to turn on the Burst Shut option from the setting of your Anroid phone. Then hold on the shutter release button and your phone will capture random photographs. Release the button when you want to stop clicking. If you are an iphone user then you will have to hold on the shutter release button of the camera or the volume up button of your phone to capture random clicks.

2. How to take a better picture
If you are not satisfied with the photos of your phone then the photo capturing sound may be your photo’s villain. The photo capture sound may shake your phone while taking photograph. So it’s better to keep it turn off. The landscape mode can make the picture quality of your phone better. If you are an Anroid phone user then turn on the voice control option from camera settings. It will give you commands like shoot, cheese and smile while taking a photograph.

3. How to turn on quite notification alert without vibration
If you want to get notification and let nobody knows about it then usually you keep it on vibration mode. But it becomes a reason for ending your battery charge and moreover other persons may feel the vibration. So its better to keep your phone in flash camera led mode which let you know that you have some notification by flashing a camera once. You may get it at general setting of your iphone and Anroid phone as LED flash for alerts or flash camera option.

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