Three Deaths Bring Back Hospital Ruckus Spectre


Kolkata: Allegations of medical negligence returned to haunt private hospitals in the city again on Wednesday, with complaints lodged against three private hospitals. The allegations came after three deaths — of a two-and-a-half-year-oldgirl, a 34-year-old man and a 54-year-old man. In all cases, the patients’ relatives alleged medical negligence, a charge the hospitals denied.

According to TOI report on Sunday, the parents of Oyetri Dey, a resident of Kamalgazi, had taken her to the OPD of AMRI Hospital, Mukundapur, for fever. She was advised admission and, according to her family members, was to be discharged on Wednesday. But the child died suddenly in the morning after suffering from convulsions because she was administered wrong injections, said her family members. Mother Shampa, who was with Oyetri when she died on Wednesday morning, alleged that no emergency care was given after the child started convulsing. “The nurse gave her two injections — Augmentin and Neomol — after which my daughter died,” she said.Trouble started at the hospital soon after news of the girl’s death spread. Even as the hospital authorities and the police managed to calm frayed tempers, there was fresh trouble after a section of the media prodded the agitators.

During a heated exchange, unit head Jayanti Chaterjee was seen talking harshly to Shampa. She later apologized for this. The AMRI management has set up an inquiry committee. Chatterjee has been asked to go on leave till investigation is over.

The hospital said all attempts had been made to resuscitate Oyetri. Hospital sources said the only injection administered to her on Wednesday was Rantac, an antacid. The hospital alleged that Chatterjee and group CEO Rupak Barua were assaulted, for which it later lodged a police complaint against the agitators. “We have found no evidence of medical negligence so far,” said Barua.

In the second case Goutam Pal, a Salkia resident who suffered a bike accident early on Monday, was taken to Woodlands Nursing Home. He died on Tuesday. “My son was fine till Tuesday evening. I got a call from the hospital around 9 pm saying his condition was critical. He died about an hour later, ” said father Mahadeb Pal. His family and friends protested on the hospital premises, alleging negligence. “It was a case of severe leg injury. In trauma, patients undergo metabolic changes. His condition deteriorated on Tuesday night and he suffered a cardiac arrest despite the best care,” said Dr Goutam Saha, a senior orthopaedic consultant who was part of the team treating Pal.

In the third incident, the family of Alok Kumar Das, who had been taken to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals with respiratory problems, alleged Das died unattended on Wednesday morning. “No doctor attended to him for one-and-a-half hours,” alleged a family member. The hospital denied this charge. “The patient was brought at 7.45am and sice the hospital had been witnessing a heavy emergency load since Tuesday and the patient’s relatives were communicated about the unavailability of beds. Our doctors attended to the patient at the earliest and found no heart beat, lung sound, corneal flex, and fixed and dilated pupils. He patient was declared dead around 8.12am was due to cardiac arrest,” read astatement from the hospital.