IS Threatens To Bomb Miss Universe Pageant In Its New Video


Damascus: The terror group Islamic State has threatened to attack Miss Universe pageant 2017, which is scheduled to be held in Philippines, through their tutorial video showing prospective martyrs how to make a suicide vest.

Addressing ‘brothers who love martyrdom’, a jihadi issued a widespread threat, urging terrorist supporters to ‘target the blood of foreigners whose nations have participated in the war against ISIS’, the Fox News reported.

The group shared a video on the encrypted messaging app Telegram where they recommended IS Philippines Supporters to ‘create a bomb for Miss Universe’. The message called on ‘everyone who can’ to launch an attack at the event which is scheduled for January.

The video offers a downloadable clip on how to make your own suicide belt, as well as a 49-page guide in English on how to manufacture explosives. According to Philippine National Police spokesman Dionardo Carlos, the threat will be referred to an intelligence group assigned to the beauty contest.

Tension in South-East Asia has been growing since footage emerged of natives issuing their support under the infamous black flag of ISIS. Although the main religion in the Philippines is Catholicism, Islam is next in line, and is widely practised in Mindanao, the southernmost island, where extremists are trying to overthrow the government.

Several Indonesian groups have pledged allegiance to ISIS amid recent attacks, and the Philippines could be seen as a weak link in the fight against the group given the recent rise in ISIS activity.