IS Threat Put SAS In Terror Alert


London: A Team of 40 SAS soldiers was flown into  London within hours of Thursday’s atrocity in Nice to provide an immediate response in the event of a terrorist attack.

The crack team is on standby at an RAF base ready for a potential follow-up attack by extremists.

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Members of the military’s Human Intelligence unit are also reported to be in London tracking suspicious behaviour in key target areas.

The Daily Mirror has reported a source saying: “So many of the people being followed, close to 100 jihadists in the UK, no longer use their mobile phone because they can be intercepted.

“This means any of them inspired by the Nice attack could launch an attack at a moment’s notice and they will need to be neutralised very quickly.”

Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency meeting of Cobra and ordered an urgent security review following the “horrifying” attack on the French Riviera, which left at least 84 people dead.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also said he would be reviewing safety measures in light of the attack.

Special Forces teams have carried out a series of training exercises near Bristol in recent weeks.

The group, trained for all eventualities including hostage rescue, stopping speeding cars with sniper rifles and eliminating armed extremists, will provide support to police in the case of a terrorist attack.

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