Though not a ‘Magician’, Eelco seeks for Magic


Kolkata: Prior to East Bengal’s AFC match against Johor Tarul Takzim in Malaysia, Eelco Schattorie was caught in the boots of a pre match analyst. Having got a real less span of time, Eelco was seen to be confident yet cautious. He said that the atmosphere within the team was good. Bt the lack of rest remains a cause of worry against the players. The goalkeeping area and the defence has ro be relaid. The absence of Raju Gaikwad would certainly be a blow to the Red and Golds.

Eelco also added that he has seen the video of the Malyasian club. The match will not be easy for East Bengal. The two foreigners of Johor Tarul Takzim are in good shape. The local players are very fast on the field. The team is a dangerous outfit in terms of Set pieces. Hence, the players will have to be careful before committing any fouls and gifting the home team any un-wanted free kicks.

Eelco Schattorie stated that he and his coaching staff will give a fullest effort so that the team comes back with smiling faces from Malyasia. “I am not a magician but I will try my 100 per cent to do good for the team,” said the Dutch Coach.