This Year Tarpan Will Be Observed After 10.30 AM


Kolkata: According to Puran Tarpan should be performed at the riverside and at the dawn in Mahalaya. But this year Tarpan rituals can not be performed at dawn. Tarpan must be done after 10.40AM on the day of Mahalaya.

This year Mahalaya will held on 8th October. Due to Chaturthi, Tarpan will not be performed at the very morning. Though the people were seen at the Ganges Ghat to perform the ritual.
According to the Gupta Press and Bisudha Sidhanta Amabyasa will be after 10 AM. According to the Bisudha Sidhanta, Amavasya started at 11.32 AM in the Mahalaya morning and according to the Gupta Press it started at 10.87 am in the morning.

Trup’ means satisfying others. The word ‘Tarpan’ has been formed from the root word ‘Trup’. Offering water to God, Sages, ancestors’ soul and human beings and satisfying them through it is called tarpan.