This Unique Actor Is New Sensation Of Bengali Television


Kolkata: When talked about any mega serial on Indian television and first thing that comes to our mind is the ‘Saas-Bahu’ drama. But breaking all these taboos a Bengali daily soap has broken all the records. The Bengali mega serial ‘Aadorini’ have few ‘Superstars’ like Sallu, Bantu, Tuniya and Muniya, these characters have brought an new trend in the Bengali television world.

For the first time in the history of Bengali television few new animal and bird spices like macow, donkey, cow, goat, cock and duck have been brought together under a same roof by producer-director Snehashish Chakraborty. This has created a buzz in the Bengali television industry. Kolkata24x7 reporter speaks with the stars on the set.

While speaking with the other famous faces of the mega serial ‘Aadorini’ our reporter witnesses many funny incidents that happens every now and then on the set of ‘Aadorini’. The other Tollywood stars who shares the screen with them are enjoying their company. The most surprising thing that we want to share with you is about the Cock who never misses any chance to give a perfect shot, he is always ready for every shot, he is never tired.

The director says,” The real actor is ‘the cock’, a dining table shot was taken from different angle and the cock has given perfect shot for it without any flaw. In every shot he held his perfect performance.”

Not only the cock, another character who is also equally grabbing the attention is ‘Tuniya’ the cow, we came to know that the cow which was first placed for this character had long horns, later it was replaced due to some unavoidable circumstance with another cow who is presently in the serial has small horns than the previous one. And the interesting thing about her is, she wears artificial horns every day and without any hesitation she also gives her perfect shot.

The donkey ‘Bantu’ is a tough nut to crack for the director as he has to be fed every time before his shot because he is never ready for it. And ‘Muniya’ the goat pees on the floor whenever he is brought for the shot. But the human actors or we can say the co-stars of these various animal and bird spices have no complaints regarding all these. They happily work together with them tolerating all their tantrums. Actress Moumita Gupta says, “In the set of ‘Aadorini’ so many funny incidents happens that we never stop laughing, or you can say it’s refreshment for us amid our busy schedule.”

But the showstopper is ‘Sallu’ the African macow, the real ‘superstar’ of this mega serial. Let us reveal an interesting fact about ‘Sallu’, he is the highest paid ‘actor’ of ‘Aadorini’. Everyone at the set is obsessed with him, some try to talk with ‘Sallu’, some brings good food for him, some also takes him home along with them, all we can say is Tollywood or the Bengali television industry is trying to woo this bird with their own techniques. Do you know this macow is an experienced actor, earlier he had shared the screen with the real ‘Sallu’ alias Salman Khan and Kajol Agrawal. Sallu’s trainer Mani says us that, “The real name of ‘Sallu’ is Radhe, and he has acting experience of eleven years. In Big-Boss season 6 he shared the screen with Salman Khan, apart from this he has earned fame through his acting skills, he is seen hanging in several Hindi and south Indian movies.

Sallu speaks exactly like a human being, the director says “Sallu never hurt anyone. Every time he performs in first take shot. If you see him normally he looks like other macow but once he’s in-front of the camera he starts showing his skills of ‘superstar’. If he sees cashew-nuts in somebody’s hand he will run towards them and be very friendly with them. Actually ‘Sallu’ fond of nuts. He don’t like to be in cage, most fascinating thing is he travels sitting on the front seat of a car.”

নায়িকা নয়, এই সিরিয়ালে সবথেকে বেশি টাকা পায় হলুদ ম্যাকাও

So, the set of ‘Aadorini’ has turned into a set with various spices, where with the famous actors of Tollywood works all these talented animal and bird spices who are no less than any superstar. Thus we can say this new technique in ‘Aadorini’ will please the audience. It is the only serial where the human actors shares same screen with some talented animals and birds. In a nutshell it is great fun for all the fans of ‘Aadorini’ to seat in front of the television every evening.

Reported by: Manashi Saha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash