‘This Rath-Yatra Will Be The Death Rally Of BJP’


Suri: Trinamool Congress district president of Birbhum Anubrata Mondal on his first promotion of Lok Sabha, slamming BJP’s agenda said that “This Rath-Yatra will be the last Rath-Yatra for BJP.’

In his speech, criticising BJP’s agenda, he said that ‘BJP’s Rath-Yatra is a communal agenda. This is the last journey of them. For this, there will be 4 thousands Khol and eight thousands Kartal from TMC which will cover the rally to say Bolo hari Haribol to shoo away BJP from Bengal.”

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TMC district committee top-brass has decided to hold public meeting in every block of the district. TMC has made a tight debut for party promotion where district chairman Biskash Roy Chowdhury, Sainthia MLA Nilabati Saha and Block president Nurul Islam and others important people of TMC.

The district president has thanked Nurul Islam for such tight gathering of people in the programme. Calculating the strategy he said that if 80 to 85 thousand people gives five hundred votes in lead then TMC will grab Delhi with fourty thousands vote in lead.

Ghosh, in his speech has advised to keep sharp equippments duting Rath-Yatra. Countering the issue, Anubrata Mondal said that, ‘What is all about. We all know that Rath-Yatra takes place in the third bengali month called Ashar-Shraban which is known as a auspicious. But BJP Rath-Yattra carries message of communal threat.”

Among the four, one Rath-Yatra will start from Tarapith. The issue has triggered political agitation in the area. Anubrata Mondal has announced dates for ‘Harinam’ before BJP announces date for Rath-Yatra. Accordingly, TMC started to distribute Khol and Kartal to the village people.

Mondal challenging Ghosh, said that “the Rath-Yatra will be hindered by people. BJP could not hold a party’s programme due to less man power. Ghosh held the progrmme in Bolpur Rail ground with one hundred to two hundred fifty people.