This Puja ‘Padmaavat’ Is In Fashion


Kolkata: When it comes to the Durga Puja, the Tilottama witnesses a metamorphosis every power. The dull streets like Edo guli turned bright. The sleepy streets turned into vibrant gullies. The Kolkata welcomes their Uma with vigour and festivity.

Hundreds of pandals both big and small are there to enthrall spectators. Each year, artists attempt to come up with themes that are not only unique but also have a deep message.
And in this year the artists also geared up to do something unique and extra ordinary for the people of the Kolkata and Bengal. This time Padamabati is the hit on the list. Everybody from hook and corner tried to snatch the theme. Even after the big organisers of the Kolkata and the small organisers started working on Padmabati theme and started making Padni’s fort.

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Now Puja themes is based on the hit cinemas of the Tinsel town and this started from the previous year. Lake Town Sreebhumi alreday announced their theme this year. They started working on Padmabati after Bahubali. Another big organiser Mahammud Ali park also decided to do Chitor Fort of Padmavat. In Howrah, Heavy weight Jatiya Seba Dal also decided to do Padmavat theme.

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Everybody has many opinions on this regards. Srijit Basu said that Padmabati was box office hit in this year. Padmaavat was one of the most controversial movies this year. We just recreate things and themes that people acknowledge. Alipark organisers said that they wanted to recreate Chitor fort as they big space to do that.

So, with just a few days left to the five-day gala, now let’s see who will recreate the best of Chitor fort?