This Is How Your Money Is Vanishing From ATM


Kolkata: When the citizens are worried about the unauthorised withdrawal of their
bank balance from Delhi, the Kolkata Police has traced two ATMs in Kolkata used to
commit the crime. At least 76 people from south Kolkata have lodged complaints on
losing out money.

Pravin Kumar Tripathi, Kolkata Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) said, “18-20 lakh
of money of state-owned bank holders were lost. Not only the customers but banks
such as Canada Bank, Punjab National Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank have also lodged
complaints. The bank authorities, have however, assured of making arrangements to
return back the money to their respective consumers.”

The two ATMs from where the fraudulent practices were done have been traced to be
at Gariahat Golpark’s Canada Bank ATM and Punjab National Bank’s ATM at Mallick
Bazar. The frauds have used skimming machine to withdraw money illegally by making
clone of the atm cards.

What is skimming process ?

According to technological experts, the process is –

1. A ‘skimming device’ and video camera are installed inside inside the ATM booths.
During a particular period, the data of atm cards (information and pin number)
which have been used, are duplicated.

2. A scanner, which is known as the skimming device, are used to retrieve
information and pin numbers of debit or credit cards. This small scanner needs to
be placed near atm machine’s card reader. This means, the duplicate device is
placed in the place where the cards are inserted.

3. Now, when any card is inserted, the scanner copies all information from the
card’s magnetic strip. Later, the information retrieved is inserted in a blank card
having a similar chip. This is how a clone is made of the information retrieved.
Thus, a duplicate card of any user is received.

How do frauds get your pin number ?

1. A consumer’s pin is required to use the duplicate card. So to know the pin, a
small camera is placed near any of the keyboard or speaker or above it.

2. A duplicate keyboard is placed above the atm machine. A micro-chip is placed
below the placed keyboard. The moment any user provide pin number in the duplicate
keyboard, it immediately gets stored in the micro-chip.

Preventive measures for consumers :

1. Before using your atm card, make an inspection of the skimming device and
keyboard. Check if they are loose or not. If yes, then do not use the machine.

2. Do not use any atm booth which is left unguarded.

3. Ask the security guard for the presence of ‘anti-skimming device’ in the booth.
If yes, then your booth is secured.

4. Do not use the machine if anyone is near the atm machine.

Reporting By: Subhash Baidya
Edited By: Saheli Dey