This Bookstore Let’s You Stay In Bookshelves


Tokyo: A lot of people today are either passionate about travelling or about reading, while there are several who are equally fascinated about exploring new places and cultures as well as books.

If you ever entered a book store and didn’t felt like leaving after being surrounded by a plethora of literary marvels, Japan has an innovative establishment which is an answer to every book lover’s wildest fantasies, as it let’s people stay in the book store and actually live in the shelf.japan-bookstore1

The hostel named Book and Bed is described as an “accommodation bookshop” and allows readers to get the finest moment of sleep by dozing off in the midst of their favourite activity. They provide comfortable spaces for this in two variants coming in standard and compact sizes.

There are small cabins built behind shelves called ‘Bookshelf” and the other cheaper variation called ‘Bunk’. There are two stores in Japan, with one in Tokyo having 2500 books and another in Kyoto having 5000 books, along with cabins that overlook the Kamogawa river, providing a soothing view.

The tariff varies between Rs 2,250 and Rs 2,900 a night, and cabins come with under-the-bed storage, a lamp and curtains for privacy, while shared showers, toilets, rental dryers and free Wi-Fi make for a great stay in the reader’s paradise.