Thieves Snatched Jewellery From Swapna Barman’s Mother


Jalpaiguri: Golden girl Swapna Barman’s mother was attacked and her belongings were stolen by three unidentified men on Saturday night. The incident happened at Jalpaiguri’s Kaliyagunj. They fled away towards Rangdhamali from Gosalamore.

Police Superintendent Amitabh Maity rushed to the spot after hearing the incident. On Saturday evening, Swapna Barman’s mother Basana Barman and Swapna’s aunt, Kalpana Roy went to a medical store to buy medicines at Denguajhar Market.

On the way back from purchasing medicines, Basana Barman was robbed. Local sources said that two bikes from the side of Jalpaiguri stood in front of Basana Barman’s house. After seeing this, Basana Barman was felt nervous.

After the man succeeds in snatching away the Basana Barman’s belongings, they fled away towards Rangdhamali. Black clothes were in the face of the miscreants, according to sources. Swapna Barman’s mother was injured and fallen on the street.

The people of the area are panicked after the incident. Basana Barman said, “I am very scared. Everyone comes to my house. Police should act immediately. ” Police Superintendent Amitabh Maity said ‘I talked with Swapna Barman’s mother. Right now she was nervous. We are investigating the matter.’