Thieves Replaced By Dacoits: Mukul Slams Mamata


Habra: Trinamool called him a traitor since past one year. Trinamool leader is saying so without naming anyone. Now Mukul Roy described Mamata Banerjee as traitor in a party meeting at Habra of North 24 Pargana. He said, “Mamata became Mamata from Congress. Mamata Banerjee became MLA and Central Minister for congress. But she left congress when the party needed her.” So he framed his opinion, “If Mamata is not a traitor then i’m not too.

He said, “I supported Mamata to bring a real change after numb CPM. But there is no change for local people in past seven years. TMC leaders are now in a good condition following corruption. BJP could not give candidate in many places. It is clear that she does not believe in democracy. So she killed democracy.”

চোর তাড়াতে গিয়ে ডাকাত ডেকে এনেছি: মমতাকে কটাক্ষ মুকুলের

Congress leader Bapi Chowdhury has been murdered in 2009 on December 21. The main accused in the case was Mukul close Raju Dam. Spouse of Bapi Chowdhury after the arrest of Raju Dam said, “Mukul roy indulged Raju Dam.” Denying the allegation Mukul Roy said,” If he was indulged by me then it is a failure for Mamata.”

Lalgarh mass movement leader Chatradhar Mahato may get release in coming days.Mukul commented on this, ” I’have been to Jangalmahal and visited his house and family. then Mamata started worrying that he can shift to BJP. so goverment took the initiative to release him. He assured that if any legal complexity took place Centre will help State in this regard.