They’re Trying To Kill My Brother: Soumitra Khan

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New Delhi: A TMC supporter lodged a complaint against ‘renegade’ MP Soumitra Khan at Barojora police station for taking bribe in the name of giving job. The TMC worker claimed that he is the brother of Soumitra Khan, Prasanta Mondal.

He filed a written complaint at Borojora Police Station in Bankura on Friday. Soumitra claimed that this allegation was a conspiracy of the police. Soumitra Khan at the BJP National Convention in Delhi at the moment. There, Soumitra said that this is a conspiracy of TMC to provoke my brother against me. Not only this, it may also be feared that my brother may be killed later, the expelled MP of Trinamool expressed his concern.

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He made an explosive comment, said that IPS, SP and Barjora Police Station OC of Bankura had made this conspiracy. The Bishnupur MP compared the whole issue with Saibari killings. Soumitra Khan further said that IPS is involved in the conspiracy. He even said that he wants to fight against Abhishek Bandyopadhyay.

On the other hand, Soumitra Khan took several money from Prasanta Mondal, a resident of Maliara village in Barjora, for allegedly giving a job. Although the person did not get the job. Later, it is known that the brother-in-law, Soumitra Khan, filed a written complaint with the Barjora Police Station.

Local BJP leader Arup Dey said, “Soumitra Khan came to our team due to the corruption. So this plot to destroy the image of BJP MPs’.