‘They Still Remember Help Of Bagri’s Those People’

Kolkata: Bagri market is not that far, it is just after 2-3 houses. Bagri is on fire. Everything is being destroyed within minutes in front of the eyes. But there is nothing one can do than just witness it from far away.
Number 3 Amartala building is just at a small distance from Bagri market. On 27th February 2017 fire had broke out at this house too. Many residents were living in this house at the top floors. There were several godowns in the lower floors. In this fire, water was brought from this bagri market to douse the flames of this house.
The local businessmen of the market pumped water from inside to douse the flames. Several residents were rescued that day. But these residents are helpless today. They are reminded of the help Bagri market businessmen did to them that day.
But there was nothing they could do to help them. They could just see everything turning into ashes. But they are also concerned about their safety as it was the second fire incident in the same area in 2 years, the first being theirs. They have alleged that the government never monitors these things. There was another fire incident in the past which the Amartala residents cannot remember.
It was in 1987 when a transformer blast had killed 50-55 people. The house where this blast took place is just opposite to the Bagri market where the fire broke out on Sunday. The locals have alleged that the entire area is full of godowns which have inflammable items, heaps of clothes. These are dangerous. The people live in risks. They do not know who will assure them their safety. The locals are just blaming the present government.
Reported By: Debjani Sarkar
Edited By: Saheli Dey